Sunday, March 18, 2018

Speranza's Sweater by Marcy Pusey

Speranza's Sweater is written by Marcy Pusey and illustrated by Beatriz Mello.

Speranza lived in a troubled home until one day social workers took her and placed her in foster care. It wasn't that her parents didn't love her, (her mom comes and visits her), they just weren't able to give her and her brothers the care she needed.

Speranza wears her sweater until it becomes old and raggedy because it reminds her of the home she once had.

But will she find a forever family?

Speranza's Sweater is great introduction to adoption through foster care. It has a likeable main character and is written in simple enough terms that most children should be able to understand it. I would have liked to see more detail personally. I would have liked to delve deeper into Speranza's emotions. I feel like we only got a glimpse of her. However, it's still a great story and if you have foster children or adopted foster children, then this book belongs in your collection.

(Btw, sorry I'm a little late with this review. It's been a hectic week!)