Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Like To Fly by Svetlana Zelenovsky

Destiny's Book Report


I Like To Fly


Main Character:


Who was my favorite character?


What was the book about?

A young boy named Roy gets in a parachuting accident and becomes stranded on a desert island. While there he meets a creature named Frum who has some wonderful berries. Frum shows him all kinds of neat things. But is it all real?

What was my favorite part?

My favourite part was the end. I was very pleased with the ending. I won't spoil it for you but I will say it left me thinking.

What I like about this book

It's very colourful and it very imaginative. I like how well written it is.

What I don't like about this book

The text on some of the pages was difficult to read. As for the story, I don't have any complaints. I liked it a lot and would read it a hundred more times because...

this book is top shelf!

New Format

Today I'm going to start posting my reviews in a new format. Book report format!
I think this new format will make it easier for you to get information about the books I review. This way we won't be wasting any time. So let's get reviewing.

"Uh, Destiny?" Faith nudged me.
"Yes, Faith?"
"Isn't that cheating?"
"Isn't what cheating?"
"You're going to be posting your book reports."
"I am not. Don't tell them that!"
"Oh, Tiny." Faith said and shook her head.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Twinklinka by Janaki Sooriyarachchi


by Janaki Sooriyarachchi

Twinklinka is the story of a beautiful doll who waits on the store shelf for a very long time because she is waiting for the beautiful girl of her dreams who looks like a princess. But once she sees the girl and the girl buys her along with several other dolls she realizes that this may not have been the best thing for her. Luckily for her, she doesn't get stuck with the little girl forever. Will a little beggar girl be a better doll mother to Twinklinka than the little girl of her dreams?

Why did I love Twinklinka? Because the book teaches you that appearances aren't everything. Twinklinka holds out for what she dreams about but it ends up being nothing like she imagined. The girl who buys Twinklinka (along with several other dolls) ends up being a horrible monster who is mean to her dolls. Is it because she isn't loved? The book doesn't really tell us that. But it does teach us that her outward appearance does not relate to her inner appearance. The girl is spoiled and awful. This book made me feel a bit sorry for the girl as well as Twinklinka because from the story I imagined the girl doesn't get to spend a lot of time with her parents. That's so important to being a kid! 

Then Twinklinka gets a different home with a different girl. Will she be nice to Twinklinka? I guess you will have to find out for yourself. You can get Twinklinka by Janaki Sooriyarachchi for free at Free eBooks and read it on your computer. I recommend it because this book is top shelf!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

From Anna by Jean Little

Awkward Anna. That is what her siblings call nine-year-old Anna who lives in Germany. Anna bumps into stuff and can't even read. Her brothers and sisters don't think she is very smart and her parents worry about her. Anna's teachers are mean to her and snap at her.

When Anna's father becomes concerned about Hitler he decides to pick the family up and move them to Canada. At first Anna is very worried. Will the teachers there be mean? Will the children there laugh at her as well? What will it be like to learn English?

But when Anna gets to America an eye doctor discovers that the reason Anna is so awkward is because she can't see. When Anna gets glasses things begin to look up for her. She learns to read and even makes new friends!

I love the story. I thought it would take me a few weeks to read it but I ended up staying up until 2 A.M and had it read in a couple of nights. Anna is very easy to relate to. If you have ever felt like the 'odd man out' you will empathize with her. I was very drawn in as I followed Anna on her journey as she moved from Germany to Canada, learned English, and made new friends. This book was very inspiring. I'd say it's top shelf!

The Boy Who Wasn't There by Hans Wilhelm

There was once a girl named Sarah who was very bored and lonely. Her only two friends were her puppets Punch and Polly. But one day she went out to the beach and that's where her story began.

I love this story and the style it is told in. The illustrations draw you in even more and bring this book to complete amazingness. Hans Wilhelm is a very talented author and gives us a vivid image of Sarah as she goes from being a lonely girl in New England in the 1800's to finding a friend. She is aided by a boy who is most likely a ghost! He shows her his little sister who is very ill. But when Sarah shows her Polly and Punch the girl is very happy and begins to heal.

This story will make you laugh and cry and is definitely worth reading and I would take it to show and tell as well because this book is top shelf!