FAQ/Review Policy

What kind of books do you review?
Right now, I only review children's books because that's what I have time for. I will read any genre for children. I have a soft spot for diversity.

Currently, books need to be 20,000 words or less. 

Do you ever post negative reviews?
No, all my reviews are both honest and positive. I can find something I like about most books. If I don't like a book, I probably won’t review it.

Will you review my children's book?
Yes, please send it to authorteddyomalley@gmail.com (or email for mailing address to send a physical copy) and, if I chose to review it, I will post it as soon as possible!

For ebooks, Mobi or PDF is fine.


What are the benefits of sending a physical copy?
* Teddy will take a photo with a book. You can post the photo anywhere for promotional purposes.
* The photo may include dog(s).
* Teddy will review the book on her Youtube channel.

I would like to promote my book with a giveaway. Do you do giveaways?
Not yet, but we hope to be able to do them in the future!

Can I quote your review of my book?
As long as you give credit to Destiny's Book Dig Up (preferable with a link if it's online), I'd love for you to quote it. Quote me on Amazon, put it in your next book's flap, whatever you want.

However, please do not copy the entire review (without linking back.)

Keep in mind that copying an entire review without the author's permission is a violation of their copyright.

I have a different question!

Please email it to authorteddyomalley@gmail.com

Disclaimer: As of 2018, I became an Amazon affiliate, which means that I might get a drop in the bucket if you click on a link in one of my reviews. However, I never have and never will charge authors for reviews. I do not accept payment of any kind from authors! A free copy of the book in exchange for the review is all I will ever accept.

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