Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Introduction To Destiny's Book Dig Up

I ran into my room and closed the door. I tried to lock it, but the lock is broken so I did the best I could to try to keep it closed. I just hoped that my sisters Faith and Olive didn't come wandering into the room. Even though it is Faith's room too, I know she would bother me if she found out I was doing a book review. That's right, I decided to do book reviews! 

I picked up the new book and examined the shiny cover. I couldn't wait to start my first review. I jumped onto my cozy bed and cuddled up under the blankets and set the book in my lap, my stuffed rabbit Usagi by my side. 
 "Are you ready to review with me, Usagi?" I asked him.
   Usagi nodded. 
Suddenly, I heard the broken door handle turning. As Faith entered the room I quickly hid the book under the pillow. 
"What are you doing?" Faith asked.

"Well, I'm not reviewing any books if that's what you were thinking!" I said quickly. 

"Um, I wasn't." Faith said, squinting her eyes at me. Good, I confused her. 

"Anyway, I just came in here to see if Olive left her doll in here. She lost it."

"The one that speaks Spanish?"

"Yeah, that one." Faith said, but then she noticed the corner of the new book sticking out from under my pillow.     

 "What's this?" She picked it up.

"Moon Girl." I said. "By Beatrix Tambunan."

"What's it about?" Faith asked.

"It's about Moon Girl who lights Earth's Moon each night so that night creatures can come out and play."

"Why are you reading it?"

"So I can review it," I told her. "I decided I'm going to start doing book reviews! I have a new site and it's called Destiny's Book Dig Up and I am going to be reviewing lots and lots of books." I finally answered.

"Why?" Faith asked.

"Because I love reading." I informed her. Sometimes I wonder about Faith.

"Okay, have fun," Faith said and she left the room.

   Now I'm alone. I can read and review books as I please. The first book I'm going to read is Moon Girl by Beatrix Tambunan.

- Destiny

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