Sunday, February 9, 2014

Johnny No Cash by Anna Christina and Adie Hardy - Destiny's Review

Johnny No Cash is very exciting! It's about a hamster and a robin who need to go on an adventure to visit their sick friend, Cowboy Dan. Johnny encounters plenty of problems on this adventure, but he also gets to listen to some great music. He meets some crows who are pirates and other interesting characters.

What is so unique about this book is that it is an audio book with music. It really draws the reader into the story. This could be great for blind children or any child who is differently-abled and has difficulty reading. But every child will love these books.

This book was fast paced and particularly fascinating. I really enjoyed singing along with the crows' pirate song. It is catchy and will get stuck in your head. I really loved this book and highly recommend it.

It's top shelf!

You can learn more about Johnny No Cash and the other audio music stories at There is even a free eBook so you can try them out. It's called March Of The Ants. You can also learn about the people behind the scenes. The website is a lot of fun and definitely worth a visit!

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