Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bing & Nero, Boy + Robot = Fun by I.L Williams

Although I think Bing's statement that having a robot is "even better than a dog" is a matter of opinion, I definitely enjoyed this book by I.L Williams about a boy who builds a robot, because he can't have a dog.
There are probably a lot of kids in the world who can't have a dog. Maybe their parents are allergic or maybe they're allergic. But Bing decides that he can do something about it and builds himself a robot friend!
I.L Williams has a fresh writing style that makes this book very easy to read. The text is simple and ties well with the fabulous illustrations provided by Inci Alper. They portray the creative Bing and his robot in a fun, unique style.
If you have ever dreamed about having your very own robot, then you will definitely want to read Bing & Nero, Boy + Robot = Fun.
One of the biggest reasons we like Bing & Nero here at Destiny's Book Dig Up is because the main character Bing is smart, inspired, and creative. (And he wears glasses. Glasses are cool!) He uses his imagination to problem solve and he gets things accomplished.
We think that I.L William's fresh writing style combined with Inci Alper's unique and fun illustrations make this book top shelf!

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