Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hide, Alex, Hide by Natalie Finnigan - Destiny's review

Hide, Alex, Hide captures all the fun of Hide And Seek with the sweet, rhyming style of Natalie Finnigan. Her style is very much complimented by Gina Rahman's illustrations. 

It is easy enough to read that a young child could probably read it with little or no help, but it is not boring! And grown-ups will enjoy it too. Natalie expertly combines the fun concepts of story time and playing! Who doesn't want to talk about or read about their favourite game.

In this adventures, Alex hides from his friends Dragon and Spider. Things take a wrong a turn when Alex decides to surprise his friends, but will the friends all make nice in the end? I will not spoil it for you, but the answer is "Most likely!"

The illustrations are sweet and cute. They add to the story and are tons of fun to look at. Natalie and Gina definitely make a winning team!

A team that makes this book Top Shelf!

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