Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Poems For Kids by Melinda Kinsman

"If you FEEL you are REAL, every day when you wake, Then it HAS to be so - there can BE no mistake."

I immediately fell in love with Melinda Kinsman's Dr. Suess inspired poetry when I picked up her book, Our Poems For Kids, which is written by a group of cuddly toys, Odd Sock, Burton Bear, Oscar Rabbit, P.D Monkey, Terry Tiger, Buster Dog, and Melinda, of course! 

The illustrations are fun, cute, and vivid. Done by Melinda (and her gang, of course), they invoke your inner c
hild and make you remember why being a kid is so cool! 

There are quite a few poems in this first edition ranging from short to long. They are funny, cute, and sometimes inspirational. They will have you laughing, wiping a tear, and jumping for joy. 

One of my favourite poems in this book was "Little Ted's Bad Day" about a teddy bear who gets very upset when his little boy says he is not real. When I read this, I felt very sympathetic toward the bear, as whenever someone bullied me in the past, I felt "not real" too.

I think a lot of people will feel the joy and inspiration with the poems from the Top Of The Wardrobe Gang.

Be on the lookout for her next book, Monstrous Poems for Monstrous kids.

You can write Melinda and the gang at their email 

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