Monday, May 12, 2014

The T-Rex Who Wanted To Be A Long Neck by Valerie Harmon


T-rex has anger issues, and it's more than he can stand. He would really like to be a long neck. They're peaceful, after all, and he would like to be peaceful, too.

He tries everything to become a long neck from stretching his neck to walking on four legs. But it's what he learns he along the way, while working on his anger issues, that truly transforms him.

This book was an excellent read and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to read it. It shows that changing who you are into who you want to be starts from the inside, and I think that's a great message.

Valerie Harmon is an excellent author. She portrays the T-Rex and his anger issues as well as his trouble with self-esteem into a simple story that will be easy enough for children to understand, but one that even adults can take away from.

All things that make this book top shelf!

*this book is a winner of the unofficial top shelf book award

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