Friday, June 6, 2014

Elias Zapple's Rhymes From The Cabbage Patch by Elias Zapple

Elias Zapple has a very witty (and a bit dark) sense of humour, which is exactly why I love his work so much. I am not usually a fan of the twisted, but this book had me laughing out loud at a few spots! Some of the poems rhyme, some do not. Some rhyme and then have a sudden, deadpan line at the end which I love.
The fairytales are new takes on old classics. If you've ever wanted to see Cinderella get her revenge or Little Red join forces with the wolf ala Bonnie and Clyde, then you will love this book. Check it out or be slimed!
This book is top shelf!

P.S this book is free for today. Click here to get it!
*winner of the unofficial Top Shelf book award

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