Thursday, July 3, 2014

Odd Sock's Big Scottish Adventure by Melinda Kinsman - Book Giveaway and Contest Announcement

Melinda Kinsman's latest book features one of my good friends. Odd Sock!

My review: In her latest book, Odd explores Scotland and learns many facts about hill-walking and exploring in general. The book also includes tons of adorable photos of Odd.

Sorry about making this review so short. I am very tired right now, so am going to wrap it up with news of Melinda's giveaway. 

That's right. The chance to win your very own Odd Sock stuffed plushie! I know I want one. 

Good luck!

Oh, I almost forgot. The book is free until the 4th of July! 

* * *

(Please follow instructions on the photo to enter Melinda's contest)


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