Saturday, February 24, 2018

Daniel The Draw-er by S.J Henderson

Daniel The Draw-er by S.J. Henderson

I've had this in my Kindle forever, but I've always put off actually reading it. I didn't expect much, because the title is kind of odd, and I'm just used to being disappointed by books I picked up at random. 
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It's about a kid named Daniel. In this book, he has a fight with his best friend, because he doesn't want to share his magic pencil. His pencil allows him to draw himself out of bad situations. But what will happen when he is confronted by a bully and doesn't have his pencil or his best friend by his side.

This book was a great read with a main male character and a co-main female character who is the best friend of the main character. Daniel's mom is also a character and is supportive of Daniel while still letting him make his own decisions.

The characters were interesting and realistic. I would have liked to see more of Daniel's best friend, and I would have also liked to see more scenes with the magic pencil. Overall, the story was good, but the book was way too short.

Please write more (and longer) books, S. J Henderson!

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