Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sophie Washington: The Snitch by Tonya Ellis

So, I just read Sophie Washington: The Snitch, and I have to say. It was a fantastic read. Sophie is just too freaking adorable! OMG. Not just the way she dresses. From the illustrations you can see she typically wears tunic style dress with a pair of capris. But her personality is also so adorable and loveable.

Except when she is around her brother, who she cannot stand. She thinks she is trying to help him stop sucking his thumb, but she just ends up making him feel bad. Oops! Turns out, his friends are more understanding than she thought they would be.

Unfortunately, Sophie has to deal with a bully at school. The bully, Lanie, is SUPER mean. She takes other kids money. But what will happen when she physically injures another kid?

This book had a lot of fun imagery and has great messages for kids. Sophie is part of a happy, normal family who cares about her, which is nice to read about. She even starts to get on with her brother during the book. She learns that sometimes keeping secrets can be harmful. She learns that her friends are supportive and will stand by her when she needs them too. I really liked that Sophie had a friend who was an exchange student from Africa. (One of my awesome classmates last year was an exchange student from Africa. I adore her!)

Tonya Ellis is on my "authors to watch" list. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more books by her!

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