Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Reading Promise

The Reading Promise is a beautiful story about a mother who doesn't have a lot, but is determined to share her love of reading, books, and knowledge with her son. 

She makes sure that her son never misses an opportunity to learn.

The illustrations by Elisa Moriconi add a really nice soft touch to this book, which makes a great bedtime story.

Although there are a sad moments in this book, it is still a great book. 







His mom gets sick and dies when he is a young adult. I feel it is important to mention this as someone who is not ready to talk about this with their young children might want to skip this page for now. They can return to it when they are ready.

Overall, despite the sad moments, I would still give this book

5 Shovels

Teddy with the Book

Jean-Luc, snuggled up and ready to read!

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