Saturday, March 1, 2014

Naia The Witch by Carmen Parets Luque

Many children will relate to the very spunky Naia. After all, she would rather play pranks than go to school. She uses her spells to play pranks on people, but one day her spell goes horribly wrong and she learns a very important lesson.
This book is adorable and Naia is a great character. My only complaint about this book is that it is too short. I would have liked to read a little more about Naia and gotten to know her character a little better. But the overall message is that while it may be fun to play pranks, it will not win you friends. And that school is important.
My favorite thing about Naia The Witch is the artwork. The artwork is very fun, and I found Carmen's illustrations fascinating. The text lying over the images gives this the feel of a traditional picture book.

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